Missions Grant


Download the application to apply for a missions grant from Zion Lutheran. Send it to the main office for consideration by the missions team.

Church Library


We have approximately 750 books in our library, maintained by Cathy Hangartner, that cover a wide range of topics and fiction for everyone to enjoy, learn, and grow from in their Christian walk.


Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 10am - 2pm and Sundays before worship.


Our library is broken down into categories: Children’s Books; Fiction; Christian Living; Life & Times of Jesus; Poetry; Max Lucado; Prayer; Grief, Loss, & Hard Times; Church Staff Resources; Family and Couples; Church History; Inspiring True Stories; New Testament; Old Testament; Commentaries and teaching helps; Devotions; and Bible Studies.


Books may be checked out for reasonable periods of time; our devotionals are mostly yearly so you may have them for a year; our bible studies are by sessions; fiction, and the other categories may be checked out for a two- week time period; but can be renewed for longer.


Each book has a card inside for you to fill out when checking out. Please place this card in the brown file box on the desk. When returned, we will restock the book. You may return books to either the box in the church office or the library room.


We accept donations of Christian books to the church office.

Prayer Garden

Volunteers, Nancy & Earl Jonas and Suzanna Feliciano take care of the Prayer Garden for Zion Lutheran, which was inaugerated in 2002 for the celebration of 150th anniversary of the church. 


This outdoor venue was designed as a place for self-reflection and meditation. Everyone is welcomed and the garden is open year-round.

Medina County Food Pantry

Contact us on how to support this great outreach in the county.


Medina County Food Pantry Facebook