October 2019

Ham Dinner Quilt Raffle

Hand Quilts  - Preview

2nd Quilt in progress...

can be seen in Fellowship hall

October 2018

Ham Dinner Quilt Raffle

   Karen's Hanging Garden  [76" x 76"] >>>>

 Pinwheel Star [60" x 60"]   >>>>

Buy your quilt tickets to win a

beautiful handmade Quilt

$1.00 Each  or  6 for $5.00

May be seen hanging in Sanctuary

Tickets may be purchased on Sundays, from any Zion Quilter, or go by the office during work hours.

Zion Castroville Hand Quilters

Meet every Wednesday

from 1pm – 4pm

Quilting Mentors: Flo Balmer..and...Ruth Felty

Zion Quilters have been making hand-made Quilts for many decades. This tradition to honor our Quilters that mentored us and are now "Quilting in Heaven."

The Zion Quilters hand make two quilts each year to support fundraising at the annual October Ham Dinner. All proceeds from this raffle are used for improvements toward the church or other needs.

On December 2017, Zion church contributed a large monetary donation to the Medina County Food Pantry building project and in conjunction with this donation, the Zion Quilters' matched the contribution.

Smaller quilts are also handmade and donated to the Castroville Police Department. Officers carry these quilts in their patrol cars and give out to children or any individual, as a source of comfort and warmth when they may be experiencing a stressful event. A short blessing is provided on a prayer card and accompanies each quilt.

A quilt has also been donated annually to the Lutheran Sunset Ministries in Clifton, Texas, as a fund-raising source for their annual Quilt Auction in October.

The quilters welcome anyone who would like to join in the fun each Wednesday afternoon.

No previous experience required. We invite you to feel free to just "pop-in" on us!



Prayer Blanket Stitchers


A tangible reminder that someone loves you, is thinking of you, and praying for you.



In 2017, a small group of ladies joined together and started creating prayer cloths.

A great addition to the church's ministry and strongly supported by Pastor Greg.



Our mission for this ministry is to provide "Support and Hope in the Power of Prayer," through the distribution of special prayer cloths to those who are sick and/or hospitalized, in nursing homes, and to any elderly or church member that may be homebound.


Once completed, the prayer cloths are "dedicated" [often during a church service].

A blessing and a prayer accompany each cloth when given to the individual.


These prayer cloths are sewn together with colorful fabrics and some are created by crocheting. Although the blankets are small and do not require a lot of time to assemble, they bring joy and comfort to last a long time.


If you would like to share your time and talents with this ministry, please contact the church office or Cheri Boucher.