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For the protection of our Christian community, please continue to wear your mask until you are fully vaccinated.* Wearing a mask continues to be the best method to prevent the spread of viruses.

"Pray for World Peace"

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 HAM DINNER 2021 - October 3, 2021

Thank you everyone for supporting this event by donating to silent auction & rummage sale, setting up, helping with food preparations, working the various stations, cleaning up, and for purchasing meal and Quilt tickets!

Silent Auction brought many great items.


Gigantic Rummage Sale was held on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

(there are still items available- future dates wil be announced)


Two handmade Quilts were raffled


 A delicious Ham Dinner for $10.00

 Drive-thru, again, was a great succes and Dining outdoors brought great weather.

An amazing area for children's activities


Thank you to "Joyful Noise" for bringing us the music we all needed!

A Great Day, enjoyed by all present.


Pastor's Ministry at Medina Valley Health & Rehabilitation Center

Worship Service & Holy Communion 

2nd & 4th Thursday each month

10:30 am

Zion remembers our members and friends who are ill and injured. Pastor Greg visits hospitals, nursing homes, and homebound members. 

Join Pastor Greg at Medina Valley Rehab as he shares the Gospel with God's people that are unable to attend a worhip service. 

Zion members are invited to lift-up the afflicted and spread God's Word.

Please pray for neighbors in public & military service.

If you can give of your time on any Thursday, or would like to help with this Ministry, please  email or call Zion Lutheran Church office.


Prayer Blanket Stitchers Ministry



In 2017 a small group of ladies got together and started stitching prayer cloths. Pastor suggested this would be a great addition to the church’s ministry. 


The mission of this ministry is to provide support and hope in the power of prayer, through the distribution of special prayer cloths to those who are sick and/or hospitalized, in nursing homes, or to the elderly homebound members of the church. 


The prayer cloths are “Blessed” after they are completed, often times during a church service. The cloths are then given to people with blessing and prayers.


These prayer cloths are sewn together with colorful fabric, and some are created by crocheting with yarn.  Although the blankets are small and do not require a lot of time to assemble, they bring joy and comfort which lasts a long time!




Medina County Food Pantry (MCFP) Volunteers


Coordinators: Eileen and John Merryman


Zion members serve the community Monthly:

First Wednesday of each month

8:30 am - 11:30 am


   ZLC members volunteer each month to serve individuals within Medina County that seek food assistance due to limited, fixed income, or experiencing a financial crisis.

Medina County Food Pantry is the ONLY designated emergency food assistance program in Medina County.


July of each year is designated as Zion's annual food drive, please bring non-perishable food items to church office or bring to church on Sunday. If you would like to donate any dollar amount, that money will be used to buy frozen goods, meat products, eggs, and bread. Any amount is appreciated.


  A very rewarding ministry. In 2016, MCFP embarced on their vision to raise money to build a new food pantry building.


Zion Lutheran members are always ready to donate monetarily and by volunteering their time for this much needed cause.

If you would like to volunteer for any aspect, please contact Eileen Merryman