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 Annual Ham Dinner: Preparations have begun for 2021

Featuring our delicious-traditional German-style, home-made and home-baked dinner:

includes Ham, potato salad, coleslaw, fixings, dessert, bread, and tea (serving begins @ 11:00 am until approx 1:30 pm, or when food sells out)


 OCTOBER  3, 2021

Bring the entire family. 

JOIN us for worship @ 10 am … then stay ALL day

Chairpersons: Bill Bippert & Cheri Boucher

Zion Lutheran Church was founded in 1852 and the Annual Ham Dinner has taken place for many, many of those years.This event has been known as the Fall Festival, the October Festival, and now the Ham Dinner Sunday. 


It's a very busy time for the congregation, but also very exciting. The Congregation works together to put the event into action. It takes many, many hands to get the work done, many hours, and great fellowship occurs.


The ham served for our Ham Dinner is purchased from local suppliers. Dinners are sold for dining at the grounds or packed to-go. A convenient drive-through pickup has become very popular. Numerous home-made baked goods are included in the meal.


 A SILENT AUCTION takes place throughout the day.

 More than 120 great items up for bid!!!

 Some members bake special family recipes and donate them for the silent auction. Many congregational members donate handcrafted items for the silent auction.


 Quilt Raffle tickets are available. Two Quilts are handmade by our Zion Quilters.

 Raffle Items: Zion receives over 45 donated items from local area businesses.

Please note: This raffle will NOT take place October 3, 2021.

Thank you to all our past donors & supporters. We

look forward to a successful raffle in 2022.

2018 Ham Dinner Preparations are underway!

 Zion's Annual Ham Dinner...Years of Success!

Various Children's activities are available for young children throughout the afternoon.




A percentage of funds raised from the sale of Ham Dinner plates and rummage sale are donated to charities, as well as the donation of rummage sale items.


Some non-profit groups that Zion has donated to in past years include:


Big Springs & South Texas Children's Homes, local Hospice center, Castroville Library, TRTA, Uvalde HS Health Science Program, MV School Nurses, Harvey Refugees, Woman's shelter, Medina County Food Pantry, Military Prom exchange, and many more...

A RUMMAGE SALE  is organized in conjunction with the Ham Dinner.

This has become Zion's largest annual fund-raising event.

Donations, small and large will be accepted from June to September.

Organizing, pricing, and sorting begins in July and August. The sale takes place on the day of the Ham dinner, the weekend before and after ham dinner (if items are still available).

Any remaining items will be donated to several selected charities: children's homes, libraries, police department, other churches, and other  non-profit organizations.

Anyone may contribute by bringing donations during the designated months, helping organize and price items, or simply just stopping by to shop!!!

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Mrs. Irene Bendele baked her legendary "Honey Bars"

for Annual Auction

October 2017


"well done, Irenee"


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